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ION beam assisted thin film coating (IAD)
Optolong applies ION beam assisted evaporation (IAD) and e-beam thermal evaporation since 1999. ION assisted technology enable us to design and manufacture the most sophisticated filters which need multi layers deposition.
ION beam assisted coating art and the coating machine OTFC-1300 from Optorun Japan enable filters to block the unwanted wavelength deep above OD7 on single substrate. And also maintain the transmission as high as 96% at the same time. Spectrum property of filters which coated out are very stable and durable to use and also keep the consistent from lot-to-lot.
E-beam thermal evaporation coating art enables us to manufacturer filters such as AR coating, protective windows which large amount of application still needs.

OTFC-1300 Optical thin film coater from Optorun

Optorun OTFC 1300    Model: OTFC-1300CBI/DBI
Optical Film Thickness Control System: HOM2-R-VIS350A High-precision Optical Monitor
Wavelength range:350nm to 1100nm Reflection/Transmittance
Crystal Film Thickness Monitor: XTC/3 plus 6-point rotary sensor
Evaporation Source EB source: 2 units
 Filters spectrum performance:
Filters spectrum performance

 DAPI transmission blocking spectrum curv


Mars i 120 optical thin film coater from Korea

Mars i 120 optical thin film coater from Korea 2

Filter spectrum performance:

Filters spectrum performance Mars i 120



UV3150 Spectrophotometer•Laser plan interfermeter: Flatness and paralism test up to 1/20λ.
•Shimadzu spectrometer UV3150-Test spectrum wavelength 190-3200nm,Blocking depth above OD5.
•Spectrophotometer: Transmittance test+Blocking deep test. 
•Parallel light pipe: Comprehensive products index assess.
•Goniometer: Angle error inspection.

• Insensitive to temperature changes from -40°to 80°.
• The performance of filters lasting for years.
• Strictly to keep or meet the requirement of Meet MIL-C-48497A for physical and durability .
• Filters spectrum property controls within +/-1nm.
• Whether hundreds of filters in one round or many rounds, the filters property and performance keeps nearly same.

Triple band pass curve overlapping


Equipment capability
From Prototyple to high Volume Optical filter production,Optolong has been in the optical filter production for 18 years. We have the ability to design filters from the prototype and produce thousands filters according to it. Thousands of filters whose the spectrum are very complex can be produced to clients every day.

Specification requirement            Single & Multiband pass filter Longpass & Shortpass filter Dichroic mirror & Beamsplitter
Transmission <99.9% <99.9% <99.9%
Blocking depth <OD10 <OD10 Reflection>99.5%
Standatd Specta Range 200-1800nm 200-1800nm 200-1800nm
Standard Clear Aperture  90% or client demand 90% or client demand 90% or client demand
Standard Scratch-Dig 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand) 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand) 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand)
Slope <1%,(T90-T10) <1%,(T90-T10) <1%,(T90-T10)
Size(circle) ∮150,∮4 ∮150,∮4 ∮150,∮4
Size(square) 150×150,3.5×3.5 150×150,3.5×3.5 150×150,3.5×3.5
Tempreture -40℃~80℃ -40℃~80℃ -40℃~80℃