Your Optical Filter Partner

Main Features:
1. Chamber size: 600mm-1800mm;
2. 60-point optical thickness monitor;
3. RF ion source achieving uniformed, larger ion beam distribution over a larger area at ion current density.
4. Over 100 layers can be deposited by 2 EB guns and multi-point crucible hearth or annular hearth.
5. Auto-deposition control system for fully automated process.
6. Center-driving or planetary substrate dome is selectable.
7. Diffusion pumps plus polycold or cryo-pumps.

Optorun OIS-One RF ion sources are developed for high-rate ion-assisted deposition and substrate ion cleaning, which are installed in OTFC-1300 coaters for mass production optical filters.

Feature for RF Ion Source(OIS-One):
Filamentless design. Low contamination and long life.
High and uniform current beans with broad beam angle.
Stable, long-hour operation.