Your Optical Filter Partner

Optical filters are the essential optical components of many applications. We served our client based on the application. Main application can be divided into three categories.

  • Biotech instrument and analytical instrument which is highly related to life science and bio research.

The instrument includes fluorescence microscope, PCR analyzer, Microplate Reader, Raman spectroscopes, invivo imager, point of care diagnose, surgical devices, High-throughout and High-content system, medical device, bio imaging system, Confocal microscope, Fluorometer, biosensor, Fluorescence spectrophotometer and other analytical instrument

  • Imaging and Photonics

Scanner, Imaging system, security survilliance, machine vision, Robotics, 3D tech.

  • Industrial detection and sensing

Lasers, laser distance measurement, Forensics, color mixing for enterainment lighting, Agriculture.
According to varies application, our sales engineer could offer the most suitable coating design and specification.

Our coating capability:

Specification requirement            Single & Multiband pass filter Longpass & Shortpass filter Dichroic mirror & Beamsplitter
Transmission <99.9% <99.9% <99.9%
Blocking depth <OD10 <OD10 Reflection>99.5%
Standatd Specta Range 200-1800nm 200-1800nm 200-1800nm
Standard Clear Aperture  90% or client demand 90% or client demand 90% or client demand
Standard Scratch-Dig 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand) 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand) 80/50 (60/40 or 40/20 or client demand)
Slope <1%,(T90-T10) <1%,(T90-T10) <1%,(T90-T10)
Size(circle) ∮150,∮4 ∮150,∮4 ∮150,∮4
Size(square) 150×150,3.5×3.5 150×150,3.5×3.5 150×150,3.5×3.5
Tempreture -40℃~80℃ -40℃~80℃ -40℃~80℃


  • Specification may varies for different design and request.
  • Slop changes listed above means the change from T90% to T10%.
  • Environment and physical durability all according to MIL-PRF-13830A, MIL-PRF-13830B,MIL-C-48497A.

This is an indication about the filters specification we could produce. It doesnt mean the standard is the same as the specification listed above.
Optolong welcomes any OEM requirement about optical filter, interference filter, fluorescence filters, astronomical filter. We have served nearly 2000 clients all over the world and have the confidence to work with more clients.