Your Optical Filter Partner


Biomedical Imaging filterBiomedical imaging is widely applied in biomedical instrument and medical device.Advanced medical imaging instrument or devices are with the latest technology and design. Optical filter play an important role in it as it is the critical part for imaging. The application include:
Point Of Care
Beauty equipment
Ultraviolet skin treatment
Cancer diagnosis and treatment

For the purpose of earlier diagnose and accurate analyze, image must be real time sensed and presented in imaging processing progress when checking within the body for clinical analysis or research.

With the development experience for 17 years since 1999, varies wavelength of longpass, shortpass, edge filters, exitation filter, emission filters are widely used. For all those part, OPTOLONG could provide the proper thin film design and deposition according to the laser source of system.

For bandpass filter from 200nm to 1100nm, we could offer design and advice for bandwidth from 3nm to 20nm. Transmission would be as high as 90% above. Steepness and blocking requirement are also easy to handle. Contact us please for your needs.