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Imging Photonics filtersIndustrial imaging involved in many applications like engineer, detection, production, intelligent, transportation, robotics, security and survieilliance. Usually optical filters are used to utilize enhansement and contrast.

Filters are the key components in the industrial imaging system. Normally it is used front of a CCD or CMOS sensor and to protect lens from dust or block the unwanted wavelength of light.

Optical filters in industrial imaging application could be devided into three categories:

The first is UV IR cut and IR cut. IR cut is a shortpass filter which transmit shorter wavelength and block shorter wavelength. IR cut could transmit or block the light through when putting in front of sensor. This would help CMOS or CCD get the most appropriate light to imaging. Meanwhile, it ensure the image is not distorted whether in day or night. The wavelength is different for different manufacturer. The common wavelength is IR cut 650nm, IR cut 750nm, IR cut 780nm, IR cut 680nm, IR cut 800nm etc.

The second is UV IR cut or protective windows. UV IR cut is widely used in industrial imaging and photonics as their special property.

UV IR cut and protective windows is usually used in front of the lens. They are not so restrict on the surface quality or spectrum. So it is relatively easy for these filters coating.

UV IR cut is consists of UV cut and IR cut. Classic UV Cut filter is a longpass filter which block UV light and transmit the visible. Classic wavelgnth is UV310nm, UV 365nm,UV390nm, UV410nm etc. IR cut classic wavelength is just as what listed above ( IR cut 750nm, IR cut 650nm...) UV IR cut spectrum curve is a little like bandpass. They block the longer wavelength than 700nm and shorter wavelength than 410nm.

Protective windows is a glass coated with anti-reflection layers. OPTOLONG could offer protective windows as large as 150mm or as small as 3mm. The star one in the protective windows we produce is waterproof protective windows. Varies environment test has been applied and improve it water resistance and durable in using.

The third is bandpass filter. Bandpass filter always come with a color. People would just say it is blue or red or yellow.  They can be coated with abortive color glass or transparent glass. They could be as narrow as 10nm or as wide as 60nm. It depends on the application and request.

Other sort of filter like Neutral Density filter or polarizing  Filters wont be list as this is not our major business. However, if you have any requirement about them, contact us please.