Your Optical Filter Partner


OPTOLONG could provide the fluorescence filter cube to our client. The cube we could offer now is U-MF2 and U-FF. 

 U-MF2 is compatible with below Olympus microscope:

2 Optolong Olympus microscope fluorescence filter cube U MF2

Olympus AX series:AX70.

Olympus BX2 series: BX41, BX50, BX51, BX60, BX61, BX50/51WI, BX60/61

Olympus IX2 series: IX50, IX51, IX70, IX71, IX8.                                                                                                           

Filter Size (mounted)

Excitation filter :Ø25mm x 5mm

Emission filter : Ø25 mm x 3.5 mm

Dichroic filter: 25.2 mm x 35.6 mm x 1.1 mm


U-FF is compatible with below Olympus microscope:

Optolong Olympus microscope cube or holders U FF

Olympus BX3 series: BX53, BX63

Olympus IX3 series: IX53, IX73, IX83.

Filter Size(Mounted):

Exitation Filter: Ø25mm x 5mm

Emission Filter: Ø25mm x 5mm

Dichroic Filter: 25.2*35.6*1.5mm



Please kindly note that cube price isn't included in the fluorescence filters quotation. The cube can be ordered individually or with filters. We could install the filters with cube for delivery.