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Texas Red is a red fluorescent dye , used in histology for staining cell specimens, for sorting cells with fluorescent-activated cell sorting machines, in fluorescence microscopy applications, and in immunohistochemistry . Texas Red fluoresces at about 615 nm, and the peak of its absorption spectrum is at 589 nm. Solutions can be excited by a dye laser tuned to 595-605 nm, or less efficiently a krypton laser at 567 nm. It is commonly used in molecular biology techniques like quantitative RT-PCR and cellular assays.

 texas ted Biomedical Filter

Filter Type Fluoresence Filter Set
Coating Type Hard Coated
Part Number Texas Red-BP02A
Individual Filter  Excitation Filter  Emission Filter  Dichroic Mirror
CWL/FWHM 560/30nm 630/70nm 585nm
Angle of Incidence 0±5°  0±5°  45°
Transmission >80%  >80%  >90%
Size(mounted) Ø25mm x 5mm Ø25mm x 3.5mm Ø25.2mm x 35.6mm x 1.05mm
Wavelength Tolerance ±3nm
Blocking OD>5
Scratch-Dig 60-40
Substrate Fused Silica, B270
Compatible Microscopes Most common Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss Microscopes
Compatible Fluorophore Basic Fuchsin (Feulgen, Pararosaniline),BOBO™-3,Calcium Crimson™,eqFP611,Evans Blue,Feulgen (Basic Fuchsin, Pararosaniline)
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