Your Optical Filter Partner


1. What kind of fluorescence filter you can provide? Do you offer Dual-Band Filter and Triple-Band Filter?
Optolong provide single-band, dual-band and triple-band fluorescence filter for you to choose.
Single-Band Filter:BFP | CFP | GFP |YFP | DAPI |FITC | TRITC |Texas Red | mCherry | Cy3 | Cy5 | Cy5.5 | ICG | FISH Aqua | FISH Green | FISH Red | FISH Orange
Dual-Band Filter:Dual-band Green | Orange-Red H
Triple-Band Filter:DAPI-FITC-TRITC | DAPI-FITC-Texas Red

2. Can you offer long/ short pass filters and high/low pass filters besides the band-pass filers?
Yes, we can. Considering the image quality, however, we recommend the band-pass filters instead of the long pass filters.

3. Do you accept OEM order for fluorescence filter? What is the size range?
Yes, we can do the OEM order for fluorescence filter. We work closely with our customers in design and manufacture according to their application and features. We can coat the single glass above 10000nm thickness and with blocking range above OD5.
Usually the size range for fluorescence filter is ∮3-∮77 for circle and 2.8mmx2.8mm-81mmx81mm for square. We have provided the products with size of Dia50mm, Dia25mm, Dia22mm, Dia18mm, Dia12.5mm and Dia8mm to our customers.

4. What is the size you have for fluorescence filter set? Can you provide them with other size?
We have the fluorescence filter set with Dia25mm both for Excitation filter and Emission filter, and 25.2*35.6mm for Dichroic mirror. This is the most common size which used in microscope.
Yes, we can make other size. Please contact us for more information.

5. How to check if your filters fit my microscope?
Please tell us the microscope brand, model, fluorophore, light source, excitation wavelength, emission wavelength, the reflective and transmission wavelength, and if you need the filter image or not. Then we will check and find a solution for you.

6. Do you provide cube for fluorescence filter set? Dose the price you quoted include the cube?
The cube we provide is U-MF2, which can be used in Olympus AX,BX,IX series.
The price we quoted don’t include the cube. For the cube price, please contact our sales people.

7. The spectrum curves you show on the website are the measured curve or simulated curves?
It is measured spectrum curve that tested by our customers.

8. What specification should I provide for OEM order of fluorescence filter?
The size, spectrum specification(like wavelength, blocking range and so on), application, quantity and other specific requirements.

9. What is the blocking range you can do?
we could coat on the single glass with the blocking depth above OD5, which can be detected by instrument.

10. What information should I provide for OEM order of dichroic mirror?

 Dichroic is a little special. You shall provide the information of 50% point wavelength and the slope requirement from the highest blocking to transmission except for the reflection wavelength and transmission wavelength.

11.What the advantage you have compare with other competitor?
We offer the much better price with almost the same quality. You can find the fluorescence image that compare with one of international famous brand which tested by our customer in this link:
Or contact us for more fluorescence image.