Your Optical Filter Partner


1. Wear finger-cot when touching optical coatings products. There are some pollution on our fingers like acid and salt which would easily corrode the surface of optical glass. When touching with hand directly, there would have prints on the surface, and the prints would become permanent spot print which affect the imaging quality of our optical coating products for a long time no wipe.

2. Handle with care, most of our optical coating filters substrate are glass. Its easily get scratched and chipped. Hold the edge of the filters, don’t touch the illuminating surface directly, even with finger-cots on.

3. Put the optical coating products on the soft surface, do not put the products on glass, metal, table or unclear paper surface. It will cause optical coating products surface scratch.

4. When you find there has dust on the surface of optical coating precuts, you can use balloon blow the dust away.

5. If there is smear or perspiration, you can use wipe paper or silk cloth scrub gently which dips I alcohol or acetone.

6. Preservation: packed the optical coating products with clean capacitor paper or wiping paper, put them under a suitable environment(temperature about 23℃ and humidity under 40%), drying cupboard would be better.

7. Do not pile up optical products together, overlap is also forbidden.

8. Clean them ASAP when you find ay dirty of your optical coating prodcuts. Pay attention to dust on the coating surface, for dust would easily scratch the coating surface.